Don't Wait to Paint!

Don't Wait to Paint!

No longer is waiting for primer to dry a bottleneck in your business. With UV Fastlane you can paint and dry almost instantly, increasing your productivity, reducing your cycle time, and improving the profitability of your business.


  • Don't Wait to Paint

    Make primer the quickest part of the automotive collision repair process. UV Cure the primer instantly and move on with the job.

  • Easy to Learn

    With our UV Visualizer Kit you can go from novice to professional in 30 minutes or less.

  • Completely Repeatable Results

    Get the perfect primer cure every time and stand behind your work.

  • Pays for Itself in Weeks

    Whether you finance a UV Fastlane System or purchase it outright, the increase in projects completed will make this your wisest investment of the year.

  • Cycle Time Reduction

    Satisfy your customers more rapidly and increase your productivity substantially.

  • If You Can Spray You Can Cure

    UV Curing is much easier than spraying but utilizes the same skill set allowing you to update your processes seamlessly.


"This UV primer curing system is a 'game changer'. By duplicating the same technique of spraying (continuous motion) with the use of a hand held UV light. The light can be angled just like you would with a spray gun. This means that anywhere you spray you can dry."

--John Larson Engineering Fellow


"There is no longer a bottleneck in car refinishing. Since you don't wait for primer anymore you can prep more cars in less time with your existing space."

--Blue Rock Refinishing Coon Rapis, MN


"This tool helps us increase efficiency, save production time versus waiting for it to cure naturally, it has become a very important advantage to our business."

--Noaker's Auto Body & Sales Duncannon, PA

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